Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool), Willamette Valley Oregon -July 2015


*The action and regulator are stripped, examined and cleaned

*Regulator is serviced and set to the correct pressure requirement

*Any loose or parts that do not fit properly are tightened and/or refinished correctly

*Burrs, dirt, some tool marks, etc are removed or repaired

*Any worn or damaged O rings are replaced and properly lubricated

*The standard metal spring guide is modified or replaced depending on power requirements

*A low friction disk/bearing is fitted to the hammer assembly

*The trigger sear pin and sear body is polished and lubricated to make it smoother

*A new hammer spring may be selected to enhance your rifle’s power requirements

*The ends of the hammer spring and firing valve spring are de-burred and polished

*The transfer port is modified to improve air flow

*The pellet inlet and magazine bridging part is modified to make it easier to load magazine and for smoother pellet transition from magazine to barrel

*Check the barrel is aligned correctly with the transfer port and make sure the barrel is secure

*Modify the port in the barrel to improve airflow

*Check the barrel crown and repair/re-crown if necessary

*Make sure the gun is in good working condition

*Set the power according to customer’s power requirements

*If you use the new style magazines I can remove the indexing parts to improve consistency

*Supply a Repair/Tune worksheet with a list of the work done

**This list is basic example of what we do to most rifles, some rifles may
or may not require all of these improvements, it mainly depends on the gun
design.  Also we are always adding new improvements ,

and this list may or may not inlclude all of the improvements
we have completed on your rifle**

Basic Tune starts @ $249!


Instructions for shipping your rifle

Before you ship your rifle, make sure you:

* Contact us first .  We would like to discuss your needs before you sending us your rifle.  541-606-3413.

Recommendations for Shipping your rifle:

*Double box your rifle (box/gun case inside of a box)
*Do not send any accessories with your rifle.  Accessories include scopes, scope mounts, lasers, lights, bipods, etc.  This helps prevent lost or damaged accessories.  If you need to send your accessories, please list them in the Service Order form”  (see below).
*I recommend you remove your action from your stock to prevent broken items during shipment.  Packing the action and stock separately prevents them from getting damaged and is not required but recommended.  If you do pack the action and stock separately please do not forget to include any screws that hold the action to the stock.  Please also mention that the action and stock are packed seperatley on the “Service Order form”  (see below).
*Be sure to send your magazine and fill probe!! Please also mention you are sending the mag and/or probe in the “Service Order form”  (BSA Owners see exception below)
(Customers with BSA pre-charged pneumatic rifles with ten shot magazines and fill probes do not need to send their magazine and/or probe with the rifle, unless you need the magazine repaired or have trouble with the magazines operation.  I have plenty of magazines here that I use and do not want to forget to send yours when returning your rifle.  Although I try my very best to make sure what you send is not forgotten, it has happened in the past and I wish to prevent it happening again- as much as possible.  If you do happen to send the magazine, probe, or any other item - please mention it in the (Service Order form” …see below)


After contacting us and packing your rifle, you may ship it using USPS, Fedex, or UPS.  We recommend shipping with insurance for the full value of your shipment.   After shipping the rifle make sure to keep your tracking number handy so you can mention it in the “Service Order form.”

Next, fill the “SERVICE ORDER FORM.”  You can find the online form here:


Download the form (pdf) by clicking below and include it in your shipment

 If you fail to submit the form, it may delay your turn around time!  The “SERVICE ORDER FORM” is meant to help us track your order, shipment, and also help keep turn around times fast.  Thank you for your cooperation!


If someone recommended our services to you please mention them in the “Service Order form” under the “forum/individual referral” text box.  Individuals who are listed are entitled to $10 off their next purchase.  Mentioning the forum you used to find us will help us to know that our advertising efforts on your favorite sites work! (RESTRICTIONS APPLY)


Pre-charged Pneumatic airguns are complex and potentially dangerous.  Using caution when working on airguns is a must!  We work with pressures that can easily cause bodily harm or even death and require attention to safety. 


Please use extreme caution when working on your own air rifles. We assume no responsibility for any harm caused and this website is used for informational purposes only!